To Noe and Kacie: A Thank You

This Tuesday, we said goodbye to Noe Rivera and Kacie Price. They each are founding members of this ministry, serving the Lord in Guatemala since February of 2013. They were a part of the team that built this ministry from the ground up. They moved here on faith, not knowing what the Lord was doing, but trusting that they would be cared for.

Now, two and a half years later, they leave an operating ministry. What was once a dream is now up and running, and Noe and Kacie were two of the people God chose to make that happen. As they leave, we have sadness that they will no longer be here, but joy that they are stepping into the new things that God has for them.

Noe and Kacie, thank you for trusting God with your lives. Thank you for stepping out in faith and moving to Guatemala. Thank you for giving yourselves to the Lord in this ministry. Thank you for being a part of this family. And thank you for trusting Him as you each move on to the new things that He has for you!

Noe receiving prayer prior to moving to Guatemala.

The early days in Antigua; without furniture, but with amazing community!

Kacie and the team arriving at the airport to launch the ministry in February 2013.

Kacie and the team arriving at the airport to launch the ministry in February 2013.

The team in the early days.

Family Fun Night

Semuc Champey

Kacie's brother, Paul, visiting Antigua

Noe's mom, Anita, visiting Antigua

The family with their new puppy, Misha

Noe and Misha

Kacie and Misha

Their first Christmas in Guatemala

Team Guatemala in January 2014, when a group of interns arrived

Noe, while building a cornhole set...

...and Kacie, eating corn

Cowboys and Indians Party

Family Fun Night: Sardines in the Dark

Noe, Kacie, and Kristen Rene

Ensancha conference, August 2014

Team Retreat: Indian Nose, Lake Atitlan

Team Dodgeball

Kacie at Indian Nose, Lake Atitlan

Noe at the Mayan ruins Tikal

Kacie with Claudia, one of our closest friends in Guatemala

Noe with Adam, our friend who works at a local orphanage

Hour 1 of a 24 hour drive to Nicaragua

With Scott and Jennifer Esposito in Granada, Nicaragua

Golfing at the foot of Volcan Fuego

Our final family photo with Noe and Kacie