Kacie is from 'The Great Country of Texas.' She graduated from Texas A&M, where she majored in Communications and minored in Spanish. She heard about the World Race at a conference and decided that it would be the perfect adventure. She launched in January 2011 with the original T Squad. 

While on the Race, Kacie began to value relationship over religion. She learned what it truly meant to be a follower of Christ. After the Race, Kacie asked Karen Barnes to disciple her in what it means to be a woman of God. Through Karen, she learned to cook and to host. She learned what it looked like to create a place of peace and rest to invite people into.  

After a year in Gainesville, the Lord asked Kacie to come and be with Him in Guatemala. She knew that she would discover a new level of intimacy with God if she gave Him a 'yes.' The adventure of stepping into something new and unknown appealed to Kacie, and she became a part of the original team that moved to Guatemala in February 2013. She enjoyed being a part of making an empty house into a home and laying the foundation for Adventures' long term presence in Guatemala. She served as the Director of Operations at Adventures Guatemala.

Kacie is a woman who lives life to the fullest. From paragliding to cliff jumping, she can turn even the simplest of activities into an adventure. She is remarkable in the kitchen, creating amazing food for all to enjoy. Kacie also enjoys reading and salsa dancing.