It began with a whisper, a humble call to come closer to His heart.

Our founding team moved to Guatemala in early 2013 on this invitation. We sought God’s heart for this country as well as for this new ministry. Where would He have us go? What might He have us do? We asked God to align our heartbeat with His. 


Our focus shifted as a result and His desire became passionately ours: to serve Guatemala, to disciple Guatemalans, and to send a generation to proclaim the Gospel across the earth. Everything that we do is founded on the ministry of reconciliation to which all believers are called, described in II Corinthians 5:18-20.

Since our inception, we have seen hundreds of people pass through our ministry: World Race Squads, Center for Global Action Interns, Short-term teams, parents, friends, and supporters. We currently minister in a variety of places throughout Guatemala.