Surrounded by three volcanoes, the beauty of Lake Atitlan is unmatched. Boat taxis will take you from village to village, where you'll encounter both local Mayan languages and Spanish. 

During ministry in Lake Atitlan, you'll get to meet people where they are--visiting their villages and homes, speaking over the radio during their workday, and joining in sports. As you build relationships with people, you'll be able to share the Gospel and pray with them.

7-Day Trip: 2 travel days, 4 ministry days, 1 adventure day
     Total Cost: $373* per person

*Cost does not include airfare, medical insurance, or adventure day.

*Cost does include food, lodging, transportation, supplies, translators.



  • Speak on the Radio
  • Host VBS
  • Visit Houses and Villages
  • Host a Soccer Event
  • Minister to the Youth