Michelle is one of those people you meet and have a hard time believing that she is real. In our house, we all have this common belief that she must be an angel. Michelle is soft spoken and graceful in everything that she does, but she will also give it you straight when need be. She is the kind of person who puts others before herself. She is kind, loving, and caring. She is a woman who hears from the Lord and is obedient to His voice. 

Michelle comes from a Cuban family. She grew up with two sisters and one brother in the beautiful state of Florida. She studied at the University of Central Florida and majored in English Literature with a minor in Spanish. She now uses her skill in writing to help write materials for our base.

Michelle got involved with Adventures in Missions when she traveled to Thailand on a Passport trip when she was in college. She spent a lovely summer ministering to the people of Thailand. During that time the Lord ministered to her as well. We are all so thankful that Michelle ended up here in Guatemala. Our team would not be the same without her!

Michelle has such a beautiful and fun spirit. She likes unicorns and funky sweaters along with Nutella. She is the caretaker of our awesome dog Misha, and watches over other dogs who need a home. She always has the right words to say at the right times, gives the best hugs, and overall is a person who brings life no matter where she goes.