a letter from Our co-founder

In Ezekiel 37, we read of a jaw-dropping inspiring event. Ezekial was brought out by the Lord to see a valley full of dead and dry bones. God then audaciously tells Ezekiel in verse 5 to prophesy over the bones this statement: "Thus says the Lord God to these bones: Behold, I will cause breath to enter you, and you shall live." With the words of Ezekiel, "breath came into them, and they lived and stood on their feet, an exceedingly great army." 

This ministry was launched with the same crazy hope--the hope that an exceedingly great army could rise up. The hope that new life could be birthed forth in Guatemala and in our own personal lives as it did in the valley of dry bones to Ezekiel.

It all began at the home office of Adventures in Missions (AIM) in Gainesville, Georgia. For several years, there was talk and prayer into starting a new work of God in Guatemala. In 2013, the original team began to assemble with the faith of the first three team members, Kacie Price and Jonathan and Ann Little. Twelve people in total followed God's prompting to join the launch team. Clint Bokelman would step up and become our faithful leadership support from the home office in Gainesville.

On February 13th, 2013, the original team of twelve launched Adventures Guatemala, at the time known as the Guatemala Base. When we landed in Guatemala, we had no home or vehicles. What we did have were sleeping bags, clothes, and the desire to see what God would have in store for this country and in our lives.

Very soon, God's provision kicked in and He brought us a beautiful home to rent, new friends, and eventually a ministry vehicle. 

During the first two years, we spent many hours each day seeking God, asking what His purposes and plans were for us in this country. We walked the streets and visited many towns and people through out the country. Everywhere we went, we asked the Father along the way what He wanted us to do. 

Two and a half years later, by the grace and favor of God, the ministry is alive and well. We have vision, focus, and many fruitful relationships. In the beginning, faith as small as a Guatemalan coffee bean was all it took (Luke 17:6).

In the first 2 years, many team members came and went from the ministry, which brought a lot of growing pains. We soon began to realize ,though, that God would come through on one of the words He spoke to us before we launched: He would not build this ministry around a man. This ministry would be built on Him, and He would make it last. 

As many team members would move on, God would bring in new ones. Even in the cycling through of people, we all realized that this became family. No matter the amount of time someone served with the ministry, it was family. Intimacy soon became a cornerstone of what God had in mind for this ministry. 

In Year 1, we saw our foundation being laid—a foundation of Worship, Intimacy, Healing, Freedom, Newness, and Seeking God’s Heart.

In Year 2, we saw our seven values being defined—God First, Family, Ownership, Giving, Honor, Healthy Living, and Communication.

Now, in Year 3, we have seen the first year of Harvest. We began new ministries to serve and disciple Guatemalans, and began mobilizing Guatemalans to be sent out to the nations. 

Over the years the mission has narrowed, but the vision has remained the same: to Serve, Disciple, and Send Americans and Guatemalans. 

Thank you for visiting our website and partnering with us in any way you can. We hope to see you in Guatemala one day.



Noe Rivera