Katie McNeil is a lovely addition to our team here in Guatemala. She enjoys claiming Anacortes, Washington as her home away from our Guatemalan home. It’s a beautiful area with breathtaking landscape, which has inspired Katie in arts and creativity. In addition to Katie’s musical talent and bend toward originality, she’s a huge fan of facts and logic. She's truly a unique hybrid also described as a rare gem. She keeps us posted with world news and proposed alternative maps (a personal hobby). Katie enjoys creating a masterpiece from scratch, whether with flour in the kitchen or through web design. Some of her other hobbies include getting lost in nature and watching Kiera Knightley movies. 

Katie is a women of vision who transforms day-dreaming images into full, tangible life. She is one who brings people into the presence of the Lord through worship with song. Always having a smile on her face, she shapes those around her with her infectious joy and playfulness. She’s quick to give and share all she has received, from spiritual insight to a packet of Oreo cookies. She truly embodies that of a walking blessing and we’re thrilled to have her on our team!