If you asked Bob and Becky Corder how they became the base directors for Adventures Guatemala, they'd look at each other and laugh. "It's a long story," Becky says, "but God was writing our résumé the whole time." High school sweethearts from southern Ohio, Bob and Becky Corder have three children - Brian (25), Ben (22), and Aubrei (18). After getting married, Bob made a career as a state trooper, eventually starting his own construction company in 1995. Becky worked as a legal secretary before becoming a full-time homeschool mom with committed involvement in the travel soccer circuit for their daughter - who now plays soccer for the University of Nebraska.

For the Corder family, serving God through missions has always been a priority. They spent many summers taking their family on mission trips whenever possible, and even spent three months serving in Uganda as overseas missionaries. There missional hearts lead them to Guatemala many times as well.

When their son Brian completed his World Race in 2014, Bob and Becky began their involvement with Adventures in Missions - starting out as World Race Coaches. They served three squads over the course of three years (fact check?), cherishing the time spent pouring into the lives of young missionaries serving Jesus around the world.

After some time, their hearts began to stir for more. Having fallen in love with the Guatemalan people over the years, coming on staff as the base directors for Adventures Guatemala seemed like a natural fit. They sold their home, packed up their belongings, and moved to Antigua in January 2017 to follow God's call for this next chapter of their lives. They couldn't be more excited to be here, and we couldn't be more delighted to have them!