If you asked Kevin and Tanya Applegate how they became the base elders for Adventures Guatemala, they'd look at each other and laugh. High school sweethearts from central Kentucky, Kevin and Tanya have four children - Alyssa, Matthew, Yulian and Alex. After getting married, Kevin continued in youth ministry and later became a discipleship pastor. Tanya hosted events for a tech company while mothering their four children. 

For the Applegate family, serving God through missions has always been a priority. They spent many summers taking their family on mission trips whenever possible. There missional hearts lead them to Guatemala!

After some time, their hearts began to stir for more. Having fallen in love with the Guatemalan people over the years, coming on staff as the base elders for Adventures Guatemala seemed like a natural fit. They sold their home, packed up their belongings, and moved to Antigua in January 2018 to follow God's call for this next chapter of their lives. They couldn't be more excited to be here, and we couldn't be more delighted to have them!