Salvation in a Jail Cell

Last week, a World Race: Fusion team joined us at our monthly missions conference in Panajachel, Guatemala. In the afternoon, we went out to share the Gospel with people in Panajachel. Adventures Guatemala staff and World Racers joined with the Honduras team. Together, they ventured out into town and shared the love of God with whoever they met.

This is Victoria Pierce's story.

God chose each person.
God chose that jail.
God chose that healing.
God chose that day.

My team and I got the opportunity to go to a conference with a few of our ministry contacts, and I wasn’t fully prepared for what God has planned. It was a day of refreshment, a day of pure joy and blessing; a reminder of how BIG our God is. 

Our contacts are equipping local Guatemalans to go into the nations to share God’s love, and I got to be a part of it. Reminding each person that God chose them for such a time as this, that God can use them to make a difference. 

In May, the group was very hesitant. They took a ‘wait and see’ approach, specifically to the act of activation. Today their trust in the Lord is greater than ever, and they fearlessly walk out the Kingdom of God wherever they go - healing the sick, speaking life over people, sharing their faith. –Gabe, conference coordinator

Romans 10:14 “How can I believe if I’ve NEVER heard of HIM.” God wants to send people from every nation to the nations; God wants to send His body to be His hands and feet.


Pastor Pablo and the worship team at the conference


During the afternoon of the conference, we split up into groups and went into the city to see what God had planned. Chiqui, Raquel, and I went out in prayer, and were led to different people. I saw boldness within the first few minutes, and it was so encouraging. The first word said was always ‘God’ or ‘Jesus.’ They reminded people how much our God loves, how big our God is. 

For our last visit, God led us to the local jail; yet still, Chiqui and Raquel were bold. Seeing them made me realize that I need to be bold in all things, no matter how intimidating a situation is. Being bold because I am someone’s number one choice; being bold because I am a daughter of the King.

After Chicqui talked to the people in jail, God prompted me to share part of my testimony. I shared of how I have a family member in jail, and how God has been teaching me to forgive. God forgives each sin, no matter the size, because He loves us; because He made us; because He chooses us each and every day. He loves us so much, that He would send His son to die AGAIN just to save me; just to save one person.

After a few minutes of sharing, I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me to go further, to take that step of faith, that step of boldness to ask if someone wanted to be forgiven, if someone wanted God as their Savior.


Victoria with Chiqui and Raquel


We saw two people accept Christ. Because of our boldness, two people joined our Heavenly family. I gained two eternal brothers today.

I have been on the Race for nine months, and God is still teaching me about boldness. Seeing the boldness and the courage of two beautiful daughters of the King was so encouraging. Serving in your own city is the hardest, but it seems so easy to them. I wouldn’t have shared part of my testimony if I wasn’t encouraged my Chiqui and Raquel.

The Lord has shown me a lot of things, Not only what He can do, but what I am able to do…Faith can do a lot of things. -Raquel

Help send Raquel, Chiqui, and the rest of their team to the nations.

God is powerful.
God is a healer.
God is El Shaddai.

Chiqui, Raquel, and eight others from their church will be traveling to Honduras in November. They will be spending a week sharing the Gospel and God's love with everyone they come into contact with. We are seeking your help to make it possible for this team to reach Honduras. If you'd like to make a financial contribution to this team, please click here